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The best way to learn routing with the 128T

Sandbox Network
Onramp is a sandbox environment for learning the 128T Networking Platform. By eliminating many of the common real-world challenges encountered when evaluating a new product, Onramp allows users to quickly realize the value and benefits the 128T brings to the table.
Hands-on Learning
In an Onramp environment you can get hands-on experience with:
‐ 128T Installation and Upgrade
‐ Configuration
‐ 128T Web Interface and CLI
‐ Zero Touch Provisioning
‐ Basic Troubleshooting
‐ Multi-WAN and Hypersegmentation
Custom Scenarios
Each Onramp environment can have a pre-defined configuration applied to it, giving users the ability to jump between different scenarios with minimal interruption. Use the 'Training' scenario to learn the ropes, or jump straight to a fully configured network to try out a feature.

Onramp environments contain multiple routers, conductor, common services, and even client PC's.
Contact us
Please send any questions regarding Onramp to: onramp@128technology.com